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  • Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/SqNkSTMOVRM0NmRi

Sunday, 19.06.2022 - Shipping-free days

There will be no shipping on 27.06.2022 and 28.06.2022. We guarantee shipping for all packages paid for by 23.06.2022. If in doubt, please pay by real-time bank transfer to avoid problems with the recognition of the bank transfer receipt.

For all orders that are not paid until 24.06.2022, shipping cannot be guaranteed, depending on the workload, but we will do our best.

Express shipping will start again from 30.06.2022, as we cannot guarantee that all packages will be shipped on 29.06.2022, depending on our workload.

For this period we give you 10% discount on all orders with the coupon GleichWiederDa

Friday, 13.05.2022 - Price adjustment

Dear customers,

unfortunately we will have to increase our prices for Mitragyna speciosa products for new batches in the future. Besides the growing inflation, which we all already feel in our everyday life, we are especially concerned about the still continuing supply problems across the market.

Currently, all importers have to expect that their ordered and paid goods will not be delivered to them. International political unrest in this market segment is causing major problems for exports and imports of these products. To compensate for these losses, we have to increase prices to create a safety buffer.

To compensate for the price increase, we are introducing 1000g units, among others. The new prices are:

25g - 6,95 Euro

50g - 12,95 Euro

100g - 22,95 Euro

250g - 45,95 Euro

500g - 72,95 Euro

1000g - 135,95 Euro

Now that the band-aid has been pulled, we have some good news for you. In order to continue to give you the opportunity to buy Mitragyna speciosa products at cheap prices, we are now introducing a discount series piece by piece.

This product line consists of the products "The Red", "The Green" and "The White". We can offer you these products at a lower price because the manufacturer has a laboratory test carried out at his own expense in the laboratory Murray Brown, which specializes in Mitragyna speciosa. Please refer to the laboratory test for the scope of the test.

The prices of the discount series products are:

25g - 5,95 Euro

50g - 10,95 Euro

100g - 19,95 Euro

250g - 39,95 Euro

500g - 64,95 Euro

1000g - 120,95 Euro

We hope for your understanding and point out again that you have the possibility to apply for a permanently valid 10% regular customer discount after 10 completed orders. For this purpose you can contact us at https://kcandles.de/en/l/contact.

Wednesday, 20.04.2022 - Shipping-free days

From 02.05.2022 to 06.05.2022 there will be no shipping. Orders placed and paid for by 28.04.2022 4pm are still guaranteed to ship.

Although shipping will still take place on 29.04.2022, depending on the workload, it can no longer be guaranteed that new orders will be shipped before the shipping pause on that day.

For this period we give you 12% discount on all orders with the coupon GleichWiederDa

Wednesday, 16.03.2022 - New products Batch KB-1, HB-1 & NB-1

After a long wait, we can finally present you our new batches KB-1, HB-1 and NB-1, which come from a new supplier. In none of the lab samples pesticides could be detected and all batches show only an extremely low load of heavy metals.

Your feedback is now very important for us to decide how to continue our relationship with the new supplier. For each submitted feedback on all ordered strains of batches KB-1, HB-1 and NB-1 you will receive a 10% discount voucher.

In what form the feedback reaches us does not matter. You can contact us by email, WhatsApp, Telegram or other known channels where we are present. If you submit feedback under a pseudonym, please write us a private message with your order number.

Wednesday, 09.03.2022 - New supplier

There is good news. A test package from our main supplier has made it to us and we will now receive a shipment of the K series in a timely manner.

Furthermore, we have already received an order from a new supplier who has convinced us so much with his work that we would like to introduce him to you as an alternative. This has been planned for a long time and due to the current delivery bottleneck of our main supplier, we have taken the opportunity to purchase some products from the new supplier as a second option and make them available to you for testing at a reduced price.

There will probably be three new batches between 15.03 & 18.03:

KB-1, HB-1 and NB-1, containing our K, H and N series products, produced by the new supplier.

Tuesday, 15.02.2022 - Delivery problems

Unfortunately there are currently difficulties to get our Mitragyna speciosa products to Germany. At the end of last year an important transit route for the import of these goods has been eliminated. New trade routes are not yet optimized and we are still trying to figure out how to get our goods safely to Europe.

We are working hard to replenish already sold out products or products with small stocks as soon as possible, but the problem will probably continue into March/April.

If the supply shortages worsen in the next few weeks, we may have to temporarily suspend our free promotions, such as one free sample per order.

Thank you for your understanding.

Sunday, 09.01.2022 - Aflatoxins

In order to be able to control the production conditions of our Kratom products a little bit better in the future, we have started to randomly test for aflatoxin contamination with batch H-11. These toxins must be explicitly searched for.

If a supplier has incorrect storage conditions, mold toxins of the fungal species Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus can develop. Wikipedia: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aflatoxine

In this case we have checked the product "White Gold" of the supplier of the H-series. No aflatoxins could be detected.

Monday, 18.10.2021 - Telegram channel

We have created a Telegram channel for you. You can join it via the following link: https://t.me/joinchat/SqNkSTMOVRM0NmRi

In the future every subscriber will be informed about the latest information, such as discounts, promotions or products that are available again.

Monday, 02.08.2021 - Shipping days off

From 05.08.2021 to 09.08.2021 (3 shipping days), the shipping department must unfortunately remain closed due to an operational change. For this period you can get a 10% pre-order discount with the coupon code GleichWiederDa.

Express shipping will start again with the usual speed on 11.08.2021.

Shipping deadline: 04.08.2021 15:30 clock