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Aroma Oil (10ml)

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What could be better than aromatherapy? Relaxing water vapour turns your living room into an oasis of well-being. For this purpose we would like to present our new product "Kratom Aroma Oil". Easy to use: add 1ml (a full pipette) to 30ml of water in an aroma diffuser and relax.

Our aromatic oil is characterised by its particular purity, as all disruptive elements that could impair the aroma have been carefully removed. The oil is practically free of tannins and the raw materials used were extracted without the use of alcohol. The development of this special aroma oil took more than two years.

The essence for 10ml of our aroma oil is extracted in a complex process from approximately 75g of pulverised kratom tree leaves. This means that 1 drop contains the flavours of ≈ 0.375g of dried leaves.

Our aromatic oil is rounded off with a pinch of mint flavouring for a particularly fresh scent.

Not suitable for consumption!

Keep away from children at all costs!

Additional product information

Propylenglykol (E1520), Mitragyna speciosa extract, Aroma