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Royal Green

from €5.95


If you have already read our blog article Interesting facts (https://kcandles.de/en/i/interesting-facts), you know that commercial Mitragyna speciosa products mostly come from Kratom farm trees.

For months we have been in contact with various suppliers from Indonesia in order to find a product for you that is actually still made from leaves of wild growing trees. Often the product tests disappointed us or the suppliers could not convince us that it is really foliage from trees that have grown in the wild.

In the meantime, we have found what we were looking for, the Royal Green. To the best of our knowledge, this kratom is made exclusively from the foliage of wild kratom trees, which, judging by their size, are several decades old.

Harvesting this product is much more laborious and also more dangerous (despite safety equipment!), because the trees can be up to 30 meters high. For this we pay a fair price, which appreciates effort and risk.

Royal Green is neither fermented nor otherwise processed, it is a 100% natural dye.

Not suitable for consumption!

Keep away from children at all costs!

Additional product information

100% Mitragyna speciosa leaf pulverized