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Catuaba 4:1 Extract

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The Amazon rainforest is home to countless medicinal and useful plants, including the Vaccinifolium tree from the Erythroxylum family (Erythroxylum vaccinifolium), from whose bark Catuaba is made. A notorious member of this family is the coca bush (Erythroxylum coca).

In this process, a little bark is carefully detached from the tree without damaging the tree. It grows back extremely quickly, which means that Catuaba can be produced sustainably.

Catuaba means in the GuaranĂ­ language: "What gives strength to the Indian". The valuable ingredients of Catuaba can be extracted and the finished rust-brown extract is excellent as a dye.

To produce 1 kg of dye, 4 kg of bark were extracted.

This product comes from Aplantis GmbH in Germany, an expert in high-quality natural raw materials for the dietary supplement, food, beverage, cosmetics, pet and feed industries.

Approximate amount needed depending on the application: 1g to 3g

Not suitable for consumption!

Keep away from children!

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100% Aplantis Catuaba Bark Extract